New Fitness Assessment Alternatives available at Grissom

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Alexa Culbert
  • 434th Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs

New year, new you, right? Same goes for the Air Force Fitness Assessment.

The traditional Air Force Fitness Assessment consists of one-minute assessments of push-ups and sit-ups to determine endurance capability and a 1.5-mile run to test cardiovascular strength. The new alternatives will allow Airmen the flexibility to train and test in a way that works best for them.

The alternative components are a high–aerobic multi–shuttle run, the cross–reverse crunch, a timed plank, and the hand–release push–up.

High–Aerobic Multi–Shuttle Run

The 20-meter HAMR is a touch-and-go shuttle run timed to pre-recorded beeps, which get closer together as the test progresses.

“The dynamic of the test is different, and it requires individuals to not only run 20 meters but also increase their speed as the beeps get closer and closer,” said Dustin Fulkerson, 434th Force Support Squadron exercise physiologist.

Unlike the other alternatives, the HAMR will be the only option during inclement weather. Waivers due to weather will no longer be given, so Fulkerson advises that Grissom Airmen begin familiarizing themselves with the HAMR.

The Fitness Assessment Cell offers fitness improvement classes that focus on the 20-meter HAMR: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Unit Training Assembly weekends.

Cross–Reverse Crunch

The two–minute cross–reverse crunch has the tester lay flat on their back and then lift the legs in unison, twisting them to the side and rotating the torso to touch the elbow to the knee.

The lower back never lifts off the floor with this variation, making it a good option for individuals with back issues.

Timed Plank

Fulkerson described the timed plank alternative as probably the most familiar to people. However, unlike the other exercises, this one does not offer a rest position. Any movement or shifting of the weight outside the plank position terminates the test.

“There’s a couple of nuances in terms of what you can and can’t do with your hands and body, and it’s the only one that is timed,” said Fulkerson.

Hand–Release Push–up

The hand–release push-up has the tester start in the normal up position and then lower themselves down to the ground, extend their arms out, and then back in and up.

The addition of the alternative components follows the Air Force’s previous changes to the Fitness Assessment scoring system.

This past July, the Air Force eliminated the waist measurement and switched from ten to five year age brackets.

To see updated scoring charts with the new age brackets and alternate components included, click here.