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  • 434th Air Refueling Wing

    The 434th Air Refueling Wing is one of the key aerial refueling units in the Air Force Reserve Command. From its home at Grissom Air Reserve Base, Ind., the wing and its people travel around the world in support of various Air Force operations and contingencies. The wing is equipped with KC-135R Stratotanker aircraft. The mission of the 434th Air
  • 434th Air Refueling Wing Organizations

    434th ARW Wing Staff The 434th ARW Wing Staff provides supervisory guidance to the various organizations at Grissom ARB. It includes such offices as the command section, command post, comptroller, public affairs, safety, social actions, historian, chaplain, recruiting and judge advocate. 434th Operations Group The 434th Operations Group is the
  • History of the 434th Air Refueling Wing

    The 434th 434th Air Refueling Wing has a 70-year history dating to World War II. The 434th was officially activated on Oct. 1, 1942 as the 434th Base Headquarters and Air Base Squadron at Mitchel Field, New York. In preparation for the invasion of Europe at Normandy, France, the unit was moved to Alliance Army Air Field, Neb., and was designated as
  • Tenant Units at Grissom Air Reserve Base

    Marine Corps Reserve Center: The United States Marine Corps Reserve Center was officially opened in September 2003. It includes a vehicle maintenance facility, communications electronics maintenance facility, communications equipment storage facility, motor transport lot, supply warehouse, administrative offices and training areas.  The Marine
  • History of Grissom Air Reserve Base, Indiana

    Grissom Air Reserve Base is one of only five Air Force Reserve Command bases in the nation. Its history began on July 1, 1942 when it was opened by the U.S. Navy as Bunker Hill Naval Air Station. During the next four years, it served as a training base for thousands of Navy, Marine, and Coast Guard pilots. One of its most famous alumni is former
  • KC-135R Stratotanker

    Mission The main mission of the KC-135 Stratotankers flown by the 434th Air Refueling Wing is to provide mid-air refueling to long-range bomber, fighter and cargo aircraft. This unique asset greatly enhances the Air Force's capability to accomplish its primary missions of Global Reach and Global Power. It also provides aerial refueling support to
  • Grissom's Namesake: Lt Col Virgil Grissom

    Lt. Col. Virgil Grissom was a native Hoosier and one of America's original seven astronauts. He was born on April 3, 1926, in Mitchell, Ind. After graduating from high school, he joined the Army Air Corps in 1944. After completing his initial military service, he enrolled at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind. He graduated in 1950 with a