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434th Air Refueling Wing

434th Operations Group
     434th Operations Support Squadron
     72nd Air Refueling Squadron
     74th Air Refueling Squadron

434th Maintenance Group
     434th Maintenance Operations Squadron
     434th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
     434th Maintenance Squadron

434th Mission Support Group
     434th Force Support Squadron
     434th Security Forces Squadron
     434th Civil Engineer Squadron
     434th Communications Squadron
     434th Operational Contracting Flight
     434th Logistics Readiness Squadron     
     49th Aerial Port Flight

434th Aerospace Medicine Squadron

Grissom Tenant Units

316th Tactical PSYOP Company
U.S. Army Reserve
(765) 689-9179, Ext 222

Det 1, 855th Quartermaster Company
U.S. Army Reserve
(765) 689-9179, Ext 230

1/330th Infantry Regiment
U.S. Army Reserve
(765) 689-9179, Ext 221

Detachment 1, Communications Company
U.S. Marine Corps Reserve
(765) 688-4404

Civil Air Patrol Liaison Office
(765) 688-2152