Grissom Questions

Grissom Air Reserve Base is located in North Central Indiana and its history dates to World War II when it was originally opened as Bunker Hill Naval Air Station.  Throughout the years there have been many changes, but the hallmark of pride, professionalism and service to country has remained steadfast.

If you have a question about Grissom ARB or one of its many programs, please click on one of the titles listed below.  For questions not addressed here, you may find the answer by visiting the Questions page of Air Force Link.


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 Air Force Bases
How can I find a list of Air Force bases, both overseas and stateside?
Air Force Link, the official internet web site of the United States Air Force, contains a listing of bases.  For this info,  please visit:

 Air Show
Will Grissom Air Reserve Base have an air show this year?
Grissom ARB will not have an air show or open house this year.

 Base Exchange
Does Grissom Air Reserve Base have a Base Exchange?
Grissom ARB has a small Base Exchange located in Bldg 595. The telephone number is (765) 689-5270. There is a large Army and Air Force Exchange located in Harrison Village, 9200 East 56th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46216. The telephone number is (317) 546-4856.

 Base Tours
Does Grissom Air Reserve Base provide tours to the public?
The Grissom ARB tour season runs from June 1 to September 30 with tours being provided on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. All tours must be arranged 30 days in advance and are conducted during normal business hours. Available tour dates are filled on a first come, first served basis. For more information, contact the 434th Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs Office at (765) 688-3348 or via email at

 Civil Air Patrol
What is the Civil Air Patrol and how does it relate to the United States Air Force?
For information on Civil Air Patrol opportunities in Indiana, contact Civil Air Patrol Headquarters at 1-877-227-9142.

For a complete overview of the Civil Air Patrol, visit their web site at:

Does Grissom Air Reserve Base have a commissary?
No. The only Army and Air Force Exchange Commissary in Indiana is located at Harrison Village, 9162 East 56th Street, Bldg 19, Indianapolis, IN 46216. The telephone number is (317) 610-7210.

 Contacting AF Personnel
How can I get in touch with my son or daughter who is in the Air Force? I don't know where they are stationed.
Parents, spouses, and government officials may call (210) 565-2660. Family members with an emergency should contact the National Headquarters of the American Red Cross at (703) 206-6141 for assistance.

 Contacting the Public Affairs Office
How can I contact the Grissom Public Affairs Office?
To contact the Public Affairs Office, please send your email to:

 Driving Directions
How do I get to Grissom Air Reserve Base?
Grissom ARB is located in North Central Indiana on U.S. Highway 31. If traveling from Indianapolis, Ind., take I-465 North to U.S. 31 North. Grissom is 70 miles north of Indianapolis and 15 miles north of Kokomo, Ind. If traveling from the South Bend, Ind., area, take U.S. Highway 31 South and Grissom is 65 miles south of South Bend.

 Environmental Policy

Does Grissom ARB have an environmental policy?
Yes, to read Grissom's environmental policy, click here.

 Family Support Programs
Does Grissom have any programs to assist family members of military personnel?
Grissom Air Reserve Base has a full-time Family Readiness Support Center. While operated by the Air Force Reserve Command, the center is available to assist military dependents, regardless of branch of service. The toll-free number to the center is 1-800-234-6911.

 Grissom Air Museum
Is there a museum at Grissom Air Reserve Base?
Grissom Air Reserve Base does not own, maintain or operate a museum.

However, there is a private aviation museum, not affiliated with Grissom Air Reserve Base, located off U.S. Highway 31 in Miami County. The private museum includes indoor displays as well as an extensive airpark of historic aircraft. The telephone number for the museum is (765) 689-8011.

 Historical Questions
I was stationed at Grissom many years ago and have questions regarding it's history and buildings. Who can I contact?
Historical questions regarding Grissom Air Force Base (pre-1994), its aircraft and facilities should be addressed to the Air Force Historical Research Agency.  You can visit their Internet web site at:

 ID Cards
I am a military retiree. Can I obtain an ID card at Grissom Air Reserve Base?
Yes. Grissom ARB has a Pass and ID section that can provide assistant to military retirees, regardless of the branch of service. The Pass and ID section can be reached at (765) 688-3909.

 Interactive Flight Deck
I understand that Grissom ARB has an "Interactive Flight Deck." What is it and how can I request it?
Grissom ARB has both an "Interactive Flight Deck" and "Interactive Boom Pod" which are designed as informational displays to help students and community groups obtain a better understanding of the KC-135R Stratotanker mission.  Both items are "interactive" displays with working dials, gauges, and video.  For additional information, contact the 434th ARW Public Affairs Office at (765) 688-3348 or via email at

 Join the Air Force Reserve
I am interested in joining the Air Force Reserve. What do I do?
The first step is to contact one the Air Force Reserve Command recruiting offices tht services Grissom ARB.  For a complete list of local recruiters as well as additional information, visit:

 Legal notices

Have environmental studies been done on the indoor shooting range?
Yes, to read the environmental studies, for the FONSI final 
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 Obtaining Military Memorabilia
Where can I obtain military memorabilia such as patches, stickers, uniform items, coffee mugs, etc?
Grissom ARB is not able to provide patches, uniform items, and other forms of military memorabilia. However, several private companies exist to meet your needs. Use your Internet browser's search engine to find the appropriate one.

 Requesting Veterans' service records?

How do i request Veteran's service records? Veterans' service records can be requested through the National Archives website by completing the standard form 180. The website provides several methods of requesting records.  For complete instructions visit the link above.

 Space "A" Flights

I'm a military retiree and want to find out about Space "A" flight availability. How can I do this?
For information on Space "A" flights, please contact Base Operations at (765) 688-3450.

 Speakers Bureau
I am interested in having a speaker from Grissom visit my civic group. Is this possible?
Grissom ARB has a very active speakers bureau program which provides speakers and special programs to civic and community organizaitons, schools and youth groups.  For more information on the speakers bureau program, contact the 434th Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs Office at (765) 688-3348 or via email at

 Tenant Units
How can I get in touch with the Army and Marine units at Grissom Air Reserve Base?
Grissom Air Reserve Base is home to units of the Air Force Reserve Command, Army Reserve, and Marine Corps Reserve. The telephone numbers for the Army and Marines are listed below:

U.S. Army Reserve (765) 689-9170
Marine Corps Reserve (765) 688-4404

 Toys for Tots Program
Does the Marine Corps Reserve unit at Grissom Air Reserve Base get involved with the Toys for Tots program? How can I help?
The Marine Corps Reserve unit at Grissom Air Reserve Base plays a major role in the annual Toys for Tots program in Indiana which provides Christmas presents for needy children. For more information on how you can help, please call the Marine Corps Reserve unit at (765) 688-4404.

 Union Contract
Is the current AFGE union contract available for viewing on the Internet?
Yes.  The current contact is available.  Click here
Click here for Addendum I
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 USAF Aerial Support
I am interested in obtaining military aircraft for a civilian airshow. What do I need to do?
For information on obtaining military aircraft for civilian airshows or other community events, please visit the USAF Aerial Events Support web site at:

 USAF Thunderbirds
Where will the USAF Thunderbirds be appearing this year?
For a complete list of appearances, please visit the USAF Thunderbirds website at

 Weather Information
I live in the area adjacent to Grissom Air Reserve Base. Can I obtain weather information and forceasts from the base weather station?
The weather station at Grissom Air Reserve Base is for official use only. The mission of the weather station is to provide support and service to aircrews operating out of Grissom ARB. Civilians desiring weather information should contact the National Weather Service at (317) 856-0664.

 World Wide Locator
I am interested in getting in contact with a buddy I used to be stationed with. Can you help?
Individuals who are trying to contact current or former members of the Air Force are encouraged to contact the World Wide Locator service located at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas. The contact information for the World Wide Locator service is listed below:

Air Force Worldwide Locator 
550 C Street West Suite 50 
Randolph AFB, TX 78150 
Commercial: (210) 565-2660 
DSN: 665-2660 
Web site:

 Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program
What is the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program?
The Air Force Reserve Command's Yellow Ribbon Program is a result of a congressional directive in the 2007 Defense Appropriations Act that mandated reserve components provide additional deployment support and reintegration to reservists and their families.

Its purpose is to ensure support and outreach services are readily available to unit members, their families and communities throughout a deployment cycle. Not only does the program focus on pre-deployment activities, but also reintegration activities after the end of any deployment or mobilization lasting 90 days or longer.

For more details on the program, please call: 1-800-234-6911.