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  • Heritage To Make You Proud

    “History makes you smart, Heritage makes you proud.” These were the words given to Brian Knowles, 434th Air Refueling Wing historian, when he was first beginning his career. He took them to heart then and continues to do so by using history to instill pride in the Airmen at Grissom.

  • 434th OSS Welcomes new commander

    Lt. Col. David Curl Jr. assumed command of the 434th Operations Support Squadron during a ceremony at Gus Grissom Hall on May 15, 2022.Col. Douglas Perry Jr., 434th Operations Group commander, presided over the assumption of command welcoming Curl to the unit.

  • Check before Buy: It Could Save Your Career

    Many consumer manufactures have released lines of energy drinks and food that contain hemp seed oil, and they’re not the only one to jump on the bandwagon. As more states move to legalize marijuana, producers are jumping at the chance to market its novelty.Marijuana derivatives can be found in

  • Know your role

    A classic case of the ole bait and switch.Every drill weekend, Technical Sgt. Jordi Saunders, Development and Training Flight, chief loads his 30 trainees on a bus and shows them what the Air Force Reserve is like before they ever set foot on an airplane to head to basic training. Normally the

  • Perry Assumes Command of 434th OG

    In a two-for one ceremony, Doug Perry officially pinned on colonel insignia, and then took command of the 434th Operations Group here March 6, 2022.Colonel Perry had been the 434th Operations Support Squadron commander, and took over the helm of the 434th OG from a retiring Col. Brian Hollis.Col.

  • Need an ID card or DEERS appointment? Save time, schedule online!

    Grissom’s DEERS office is starting the new year off strong by offering members a faster, more streamlined option to schedule ID and DEERS appointments. Once handled exclusively over the phone, the one-person office sought a more modern solution to serve their customers better, which led to the use

  • New Fitness Assessment Alternatives available at Grissom

    New year, new you, right? Same goes for the Air Force Fitness Assessment. The traditional Air Force Fitness Assessment consists of one-minute assessments of push-ups and sit-ups to determine endurance capability and a 1.5-mile run to test cardiovascular strength. The new alternatives will allow

  • Military One Source promotes available resources

    Navigating the world of being a member of the military can be complex. There are acronyms to decipher, trainings to comply with and missions to complete.Then there’s the civilian side: families, bills and finding time for recreation. “Adulting” can be hard but fortunately, military members and their

  • Grissom D&TF Marches Forward With New Flight Chief

    “Forward March! Hut, two, three, four...,” the new Development and Training Flight Chief counts cadence as he leads the newest flight of trainees through basic drill movements. Preparing them for what’s to come in Basic Military Training and marching them forward in their Air Force careers.The

  • Team Grissom Spreads Holiday Cheer

    Grissom provides several holiday programs aimed at bringing the spirit of the season to the base and local community.Holiday programs and events planned for this season included Angel Tree, food drive, kids’ Christmas party, Key Spouse’s door decorating contest and Toys for Tots sponsored by the

Public Affairs Staff

Material contained on the Official Grissom Air Reserve Base Internet Web Site is written and produced by members of the 434th Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs Office. The award-winning staff includes:

Douglas Hays
Chief, public affairs

Public affairs officer

Public affairs operations chief

Tech. Sgt. Josh Weaver
NCOIC of public affairs

Master Sgt. Rachel Barton
Staff writer

Tech. Sgt. Courtney Dotson-Essett
Staff writer

Staff Sgt. Michael Hunsaker
Staff writer

Staff Sgt. Alexa Culbert
Staff writer

Staff Sgt. Jeremy Blocker
Staff writer

Senior Airman Jonathan Stefanko