Grissom selects new TAP manager

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Chris Massey
  • 434th Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs

The Transition Assistance Program at Grissom is under new guidance as two new managers were selected.

Master Sgts. Robert Grasmick and Jason Jastrzembski are now leading the TAP, which is part of the 434th Force Support Squadron Airman and Family Readiness.

The TAP is a Department of Defense directive, Instruction 1332.35, with a goal to provide information, tools and training to ensure service members and their spouses are prepared for the next step in civilian life; whether pursuing additional education, finding a career or starting their own business.

Each of their respective careers bring experience that correlate with the program.

Grasmick, a Wyoming native, started his Air Force Reserve career as a crew chief at Grissom. He transitioned into education and training within maintenance and then to civil engineer education and training office. From there, he moved to the wing inspector general team.

“[With the IG team], I met even more people and I got to experience other areas of the base,” said Grasmick. “I was able to draw on that experience to apply for the TAP manager position. Now I get to take all of those relationships and connections and be able to help Airmen set themselves up for their entire career.” 

Jastrzembski, an Indiana native, is a career personnel counselor and NCO-in-charge of the Airman and Family Readiness center.

“I’ve always worked with members to ensure activations and deactivations for both them and their family members are as stress free and go as smooth as possible,” said Jastrzembski. “The TAP goes hand-in-hand. It’s all about Airmen helping Airmen succeed as best we can during any transition period that occurs during their military career.”

Each service member is required to go through the TAP for any 180-day period of active orders, excluding training and schooling.

The training can be started as early as 18 months prior to the start of the orders.

“Everything we do is about transition, change, and adjusting to those changes,” Jastrzembski said. “Our Air Force duty is no different. The TAP allows members to have assistances as they adjust from a military activation or career back to civilian life, and gives them help and advice that will assist them and their families along the way.”

Grasmick wants to stress that the TAP can be utilized at any point throughout the military lifecycle, not just when transitioning out of an activation period or out of the military completely.

“There are a ton of tools and resources out there; it’s not just a quick transition,” Grasmick said.  “You have the time and opportunity to ask any question you want and investigate any avenue you want to pursue. We’re always here, we’re always available and we’re ready to help. We can set you up for success.”


“The TAP offers training for military spouses to attend as well, so that they will be informed of the benefits offered by TAP,” Jastrzembski said.

“Both members are knowledgeable NCOs with several years of service,” said Stacey Pennington, 434th ARW A&FRC program manager.  “They are both committed to improving the lives of Airmen, and in caring for their fellow Airmen, they demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills and listening techniques providing an individualized service.” 

Transition assistance is not a one size fits all as each Airman has their own personal and professional career goals. The program offers Airmen the opportunity to learn more about their resources from the Department of Veteran Affairs, the Department of Labor, the Small Business Administration and higher education, just to name a few.

More information and resources can be found on the Military OneSource website and at your local A&FRC.

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