Induction ceremony embraces a rare event

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Jami K. Lancette
  • 434th ARW Public Affairs

GRISSOM AIR RESERVE BASE, Ind. – Seventy-three Airmen were inducted into the ranks of noncommissioned officers and senior noncommissioned officers during a ceremony at Grissom Air Reserve base, Ind., Oct. 10.

The Airmen not only received a new stripe on their uniforms but also a new set of responsibilities. As leaders and senior leaders they will be held to a higher standard of excellence and are expected to motivate and inspire the Airmen beneath them to succeed.

“Please continue to be the exceptional individuals that you are,” said Chief Master Sgt. Wes Marion, 434th Air Refueling Wing command chief. “Take those charges seriously, mentor others and lead others as you already have been as recognized by your promotion.

“And thank you for the exceptional things that you do every day and being a part of this great wing,” added Marion.

The 434th Air Refueling Wing holds special ceremonies to recognize those promoted to NCO and SNCO. The ceremony gives friends and coworkers the opportunity to witness their Airmen swearing the oath of induction.

The ceremony also included a rare event, the induction of a four senior master sergeants to chief master sergeants, the highest enlisted rank in the U. S. Air Force.

The following Airmen were inducted:

Chief Master Sgt. Adam Loos, 434th Civil Engineer Squadron
Chief Master Sgt. Brian Rude, 434th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Chief Master Sgt. Charles Hoover, 434th Maintenance Group
Chief Master Sgt. James Billing, 434th Maintenance Squadron
Master Sgt. John Dietz, 434th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
Master Sgt. Theresa Gutierrez, 434th AMDS
Master Sgt. David Englehardt, 434th AMDS
Master Sgt. Michael Bowsher, 434th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Master Sgt. Ryan Strole, 434th AMXS
Master Sgt. John Drent, 49th Aerial Port Squadron
Master Sgt. Jeremy Sutphen, 434th CES
Master Sgt. Justin Krautkremer, 434th CES
Master Sgt. Ryan Rowley, 434th CES
Master Sgt. Lesley Carhart, 434th Communications Squadron
Master Sgt. Charles Coyne, 434th MXS
Master Sgt. Eric McGraw, 434th MXS
Master Sgt. John Lambert, 434th MXS
Master Sgt. Mark Schultz, 434th Operations Group
Master Sgt. Andrew Carr, 434th Operations Support Squadron
Master Sgt. Lindsey Huston, 434th OSS
Master Sgt. Joshua Richman, 434th Security Forces Squadron
Staff Sgt. Dillion Addington, 72nd Air Refueling Squadron
Staff Sgt. Sean Witter, 72nd ARS
Staff Sgt. Brian Wright, 74th Air Refueling Squadron
Staff Sgt. David Shelton, 434th AMDS
Staff Sgt. Eddie Gray, 434th AMDS
Staff Sgt. Barbara Jones, 434th AMXS
Staff Sgt. Connor O’Donnell, 434th AMXS
Staff Sgt. Eliott Maul, 434th AMXS
Staff Sgt. Garrett Jones, 434th AMXS
Staff Sgt. John Lawless, 434th AMXS
Staff Sgt. Joshua Harrington, 434th AMXS
Staff Sgt. Kristina Friel, 434th AMXS
Staff Sgt. Anthony Velazquez II, 49th APS
Staff Sgt. Robert Strong, 49th APS
Staff Sgt. Charles Coldman, 434th Air Refueling Wing
Staff Sgt. Monique Haggar, 434th ARW
Staff Sgt. Anthony Strzalka, 434th CES
Staff Sgt. Antonio Cap, 434th CES
Staff Sgt. David Hannah, 434th CES
Staff Sgt. Jeremy Fisher, 434th CES
Staff Sgt. Kyle Schang, 434th CES
Staff Sgt. Kyndal Brooks, 434th CES
Staff Sgt. Thomas White, 434th CES
Staff Sgt. Kristopher McCauley, 434th CS
Staff Sgt. Neil Demsko, 434th CS
Staff Sgt. Mario Doyle, 434th Force Support Squadron
Staff Sgt. Miguel Luevano, 434th FSS
Staff Sgt. Haley Sales, 434th FSS
Staff Sgt. Adrian Bituin, 434th LRS
Staff Sgt. Aron Miller, 434th LRS
Staff Sgt. Lorenzo Gaddy, 434th LRS
Staff Sgt. Mary Costello, 434th MXG
Staff Sgt. Tony Annis, 434th MXG
Staff Sgt. Andre Sloan, 434th MXG
Staff Sgt. Anthony Gonzalez, 434th MXS
Staff Sgt. Justin Long, 434th MXS
Staff Sgt. Anthony Morelli, 434th MXS
Staff Sgt. Jacob Kublulius, 434th MXS
Staff Sgt. Mathew Salmon, 434th MXS
Staff Sgt. Stephanie Dimenco, 434th MXS
Staff Sgt. Vannara Yoeun, 434th MXS
Staff Sgt. Wesley Crabb, 434th MXS
Staff Sgt. Skylar Braden, 434th MXS
Staff Sgt. Justin Branch, 434th OSS
Staff Sgt. Nicholas Sauleiko, 434th OSS
Staff Sgt. Briand Williams, 434th SFS
Staff Sgt. Dane Burnett, 434th SFS
Staff Sgt. Jennifer Smith, 434th SFS
Staff Sgt. Mathew Cundiff, 434th SFS
Staff Sgt. Micah Reed, 434th SFS
Staff Sgt. Michael Dampier, 434th SFS
Staff Sgt. Tommy Pierce, 434th SFS

The 434th ARW is the largest KC-135R Stratotanker unit in the Air Force Reserve Command. The Citizen Airmen from the Hoosier Wing routinely deploy around the world in support of the Air Force mission.

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