Have a safe, fun Fourth of July!

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Chris Massey
  • 434th ARW Public Affairs
With the Fourth of July and hot weather upon us, it’s important to keep safety in mind during outdoor activities especially when alcohol may be involved.
“We work hard at Grissom and we play hard too, but we want to make sure we are smart about it,” said Col. Larry Shaw, 434th Air Refueling Wing commander. “We need each member to get our mission done, so I want everyone to be safe”
The Air Force Reserve plays an integral role in global and national security, and Team Grissom plays a part in that role.
While celebrations are warranted, base safety officials recommend having a plan to minimize risks.
They include:
-Have a plan/wingman
-Use a designated driver
-Avoid drinking games
-Alternate alcohol and water
-Know your limit and pace yourself
-Never leave drinks unattended
According to AFRC, over the last five years, USAF sports and recreations activities mixed with alcohol have accounted for nine fatalities and one permanent disability.
The temperature and outdoor activities can also have risks. Tips to reduce risks are listed below.
-Drink plenty of water
-Wear sunscreen
-Eat small, light meals before activities
-Be aware of burn and fire hazards around the grill
-Especially when hiking, never travel alone
-Keep children and pets away from lawnmowers
-Never give fireworks to children
“These tips are useful for all of us,” said Lt. Col. David Curl, 434th ARW chief of safety. “If we go into any situation not being aware of the risks that are involved, it makes us very vulnerable to accidents and mishaps that could have otherwise been prevented.”
Using risk management and common sense can help keep everyone safe while still having fun.
The 434th ARW is the largest KC-135R Stratotanker unit in the Air Force Reserve Command. The Citizen Airmen from the Hoosier Wing routinely deploy around the world in support of the Air Force mission.

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