Running improvement workshop set to begin at Grissom

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Courtney Dotson-Essett
  • 434th ARW Public Affairs

Military and civilian personnel at Grissom will have a unique opportunity to take advantage of a workshop here aimed at improving their running.

Dustin Fulkerson, 434th Force Support Squadron exercise physiologist, will co-host a running improvement workshop at the Grissom fitness center.  The hour-long classes are scheduled Monday’s and Wednesdays at 3:15 p.m., beginning May 13, 2019, and are open to all ages.

The workshop’s focus will be two-tiered: strength development and cardio respiratory improvement.

“These work hand-in-hand,” said Fulkerson. “If we strengthen joints and muscles, it can assist with improving form, the run and the ability to receive impact.”

Fulkerson said the idea for the 14-session workshop stemmed from a combination of member demand and the run portion of the required physical training assessment.

“People here wanted classes. There is an expectation that there be a health promotion aspect,” he said. “The run is the focus and that’s why we’re doing this workshop. The run is where a lot of people take a heavy hit in their test.”

Fulkerson’s training will focus on the cardio component, while his co-instructor Noah Claus, a physical therapy student with Indiana University Kokomo, Indiana, will teach the strength portion of the class.

That strength training will include using free weights and kettle bells and even outside body weight and light weight training.

 “We’re going to learn a lot and adapt with the group and it’s needs,” said Fulkerson. “We’re ready to receive people and see where it swings.”

Those interested in the workshop but can’t attend in person can still reap the benefits.

“We’ll be offering the resources to people and make them available as we build them,” Fulkerson said. “A person can follow the workouts as we go or use the data sheets to formulate and train in their own zone.”

 There are some things that people can do on their own to help improve not only running, but overall fitness. Fulkerson suggests consistent training, having a partner and setting goals.

“Having an accountability partner will increase the potential for success very quickly,” he said. “Set goals. You need a specific goal and a partner that knows your goals, and you know theirs, so you can both support one another.”

He also suggests participating in the 5k runs held on base each month. Fulkerson said the different running surface and duration of the run would be beneficial in improving cardio fitness for anyone, not just workshop participants.

For questions about the workshop contact Mr. Fulkerson at 765-688-2987.

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