99 Grissom Airmen inducted into rank of NCO, SNCO

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Katrina Heikkinen
  • 434th Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs
Airmen here not only tacked on an extra stripe recently, they took on greater responsibilities and moved up in the chain of command.

Airmen took part in a time honored tradition that recognizes them as they took the next step in their careers becoming non-commissioned officers and senior NCO's December 1 at Grissom Air Reserve Base, Indiana.

Jennifer Britt, 434th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
David Bryant, 434th Maintenance Squadron
Cassey Aniceto, 72nd Air Refueling Squadron
Antonio Cruz, 434th Security Forces Squadron
Evangeline Degillo, 434th AMDS
Kandi Delee, 434th AMDS
Christopher Dowell, 434th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Rita Gaskew, 434th Operations Support Squadron
Kevin Gregory, 434th MXS
Kellin Hardin, 434th OSS
Stephen Heidrich, 434th AMXS
Lisa Hendricks, 434th AMDS
Milita Hopkins, 434th Air Refueling Wing
Michael Johnting, 434th MXS
Kyle Kaufman, 434th Maintenance Group
Steven Leach, 434th ARW
Timothy Lyvers, 49th Aerial Port Squadron
Malcolm Mitchell, 434th Civil Engineer Squadron
Benjamin Mota, 434th ARW
Derek Nolley, 434th MXS
Douglas Raymond, 434th MXS
Bradley Snow, 434th SFS
Brian Stillwell, 434th MXG
Daniel Stout, 434th MXS
Sean Stretch, 434th Communications Squadron
Sean Stump, 434th CS
Jeremy Thorman, 49th APS

Alfredo Aguilar, 434th ARW
Allison Albrecht, 434th AMDS
Shelby Allio, 434th SFS
Joshua Alter, 49th APS
Brittany Bell, 434th Force Support Squadron
Eric Berger, 434th CES
Joseph Bird, 434th SFS
Cody Bower, 434th SFS
Kevin Bradley, 434th CES
Stephanie Briones, 434th FSS
Jarvis Broom, 434th FSS
Adrian Bryant, 434th AMXS
Cynthia Bryant, 434th SFS
James Burton, 434th CES
Matthew Carroll, 434th SFS
Tiffany Carson, 434th AMDS
Kara Chapman, 434th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Joseph Chastain, 434th MXG
Jayci Cloutier, 434th AMDS
Marcel Cooper, 434th AMXS
Jesse Crow, 434th ARW
Erik Dale, 434th LRS
Tyrus Demerath, 434th MXS
Logan Devos, 434th AMDS
Courtney Dotson-Essett, 434th ARW
Jordan Edwards, 434th SFS
Daniel Ford, 434th SFS
Joshua Garcia, 434th CS
Tony Garcia, 434th AMXS
Franklin Gillespie, 434th MXS
Spencer Hessman, 434th SFS
Constance Hicks, 434th AMDS
Jaclyn Hyman, 434th AMXS
George Johnson, 434th MXG
Anthony Jones, 434th LRS
Matthew Kaim, 434th FSS
Cody Kohrman, 434th AMXS
Beth Kolb, 434th AMDS
Nataliya Manning, 434th LRS
Christopher Massey, 434th ARW
Monte Mcnall, 49th APS
Briana Mcneal, 434th MXS
Caitlin Mitchell, 434th CES
Darian Moore, 434th CS
Brandon Mravec, 434th CES
Dyllan Larueantes, 434th FSS
Jesse Leslie, 434th MXS
Karla Nesbitt, 434th AMDS
Terrell Nunnery, 434th SFS
Cory O’Connor, 434th OSS
Michael Owen, 434th LRS
Shannon Paull, 434th SFS
Kahlif Rebb, 434th AMXS
Joshua Reeder, 434th CS
Meghan Robbins, 434th MXS
Kevin Salau, 434th CES
Jordi Saunders, 434th APS
Ryan Schreffler, 434th AMXS
Matthew Schell, 434th CS
Danielle Singleton, 434th LRS
Tiffany Staley, 434th FSS
Derrek Stephens, 434th SFS
Lauren Storms, 434th CES
Zachery Strickland, 434th CES
Det Suggs, 434th FSS
Jessica Thompson, 434th OSS
Miguel Thompson, 434th AMXS
Justin Tuell, 434th SFS
Adam Vandermolen, 434th CES
Alexis Wilson, 434th FSS
Shenoa Woods, 72nd ARS
Dominic Zaffino, 434th ARW

The 434th ARW is the largest KC-135R Stratotanker unit in the Air Force Reserve Command. The Citizen Airmen from the Hoosier Wing routinely deploy around the world in support of the Air Force mission.

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