Civilian Opportunities

For federal government job opportunities throughout the United States, visit USAJOBS at:

For questions regarding federal civilian employment at Grissom ARB, contact the Civilian Personnel Office at (765) 688-4839.


Recruit of the Quarter

Name: Brendon Villapando

Hometown: Rantoul, Ill.

Job title: Aerospace medical service

Unit: 434th Air Refueling Wing

Why you joined the Air Force Reserve: Brendon said he joined to earn money for college, gain job experience and be a better person.

What are your goals and objectives:He wants to get through training and get to work so he can see how far he can go with his Air Force career.

To see if you could be the "Recruit of the Quarter" contact one of the recruiters serving Grissom now!

"Hot" career fields

Listed below are just a few of the jobs and careers that are currently in demand.  Some may even qualify for a bonus if you join!  For all of the details on the jobs and opportunities, contact your nearest recruiter now!

Aerospace Ground Equipment
Aerospace Maintenance
Air Transportation
Civil Engineer
Electrical Power Production
Fire Fighter
Life Support
Logistics Plans
Medical Services
Public Affairs
Radio Communications Systems
Security Forces
Supply Management

Recruiting Flight Chief

Senior recruiter

Senior Master Sgt. David Williford
7207 Grissom Ave.
Grissom AFB, Ind. 46971
(765) 688-2020

Office: Mishawaka, Indiana

Recruiter - Mishawaka

Master Sgt. Brad Wiedeman
413 West McKinley Ave
Mishawaka, Ind.
(574) 252-5239

Office: Oak Lawn, Illinois

Recruiter - Oak Lawn 2

Master. Sgt. Constance Chapman
6330 West 95th Street
Oak Lawn, Ill.
(708) 598-3913

Office: Oak Lawn, Illinois

Recruiter - Oak Lawn 1

Tech. Sgt. Robert  Arnold
6330 West 95th Street
Oak Lawn, Ill.
(708) 598-3477

Office: Indianapolis, Indiana

                     Recruiter - Indianapolis

Master Sgt. Shawn Emmerling and Staff Sgt. Joshua Hill
9928 East Washington
Indianapolis, Ind.
(317) 897-7802

Office: Peru, Indiana

Recruiter - Peru

Master Sgt. Bruce Wright
7207 Grissom Ave.
Grissom AFB, Ind. 46971
(765) 688-2020