Rising 6 working to get ride share program in gear

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Michael Hunsaker
  • 434th Air Refueling Wing

Grissom members may have a chance to save money with new commuter program.

The program is designed to allow those who travel longer distances to ride share or carpool and make it more affordable to serve.

“[What we hope to accomplish is] making it easier and more affordable for people to get here,” said Staff Sgt. Jessica Huscher, 434 Security Forces Squadron fire response team member. “With the rising gas prices people were really struggling coming [to base]and so if we can just make it one less bit of a hassle to get here than by all means we would love to be able to do that.”

Huscher, who is the secretary for the Rising 6, stated that they have been looking at how different locations best utilize a commuter program and the companies they use. She went on to explain how the program would work.

“We rent a vehicle for a week at a time,” said Huscher. “Then people meet at the [rental company] location on a day-to-day basis, and they leave their vehicles there. They then take the rental vehicle to work then they return it back to the company and go about their way home.”  

She explained how this program is new so they need to figure out who would be interested in using this service and their locations. It would be available to everyone outside of the 70-mile radius.

“[We are] trying to get numbers on how many people are interested so once we’re able to do that, I’ll be able to put the different locations together and see ‘we have X amount of people in Indy that are interested so well need X amount of cars for the Indy area,” said Huscher.

She stated that if enough people show interest in the program, they can get it rolling.

“The goal of the ride share program is to make it easier for TRs, AGRs, ARTs, civilians and everyone to get to base,” said Huscher. “If people want to go to SharePoint and sign up if they are interested that would be great because we can’t move forward until we get actual interest in the program.”

For more information, contact Staff Sgt. Huscher or Rising 6.

To sign up for the ride share program, visit the Grissom SharePoint.

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